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Instashuffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The app author's attempt to anticipate some of your questions.

What is Instashuffle?

Instashuffle is an Instagram image browsing app that shuffles different Instagram images into a single image stream, so that you can explore Instagram in depth just by scrolling to the right. For more information on the app's features, please see the product description on the App Store.

The app is crashing, or I accidentally deleted it.

Please see the General Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Why the switch from Moonlight Gallery?

The name and icon of Instashuffle more clearly indicate the function of the app. "Moonlight Gallery" was basically the same app but with a vague name and icon. Sorry for any confusion, but a do-over was necessary.

Why does Instashuffle require iOS 5.0 or later?

Supporting older versions of the OS takes a lot of time. Requiring iOS 5 for new apps allows me to get more real work done, which I hope ultimately means you'll see more apps from me. Also, iOS 5 is an important update, and I expect that in time most people will upgrade.

Why doesn't the app show comments?

I didn't have time to get to that for version 1.0, wanting to focus on the image viewing functionality. For any image, tap on the caption and select "Open in Instagram" to see the comments.

I want to see thumbnail images on my iPad.

You're probably looking for Instagallery.

Is Instashuffle random?

Instashuffle is not purely random, and that's by design. Instashuffle generally goes through image sources in the order they appear in the Options menu, and within each image source the app tries to proceed in reverse chronological order. Suggestions try to favor users or tags you've liked recently.

Why does the like (heart) button have three states?

As far as Instagram is concerned, images are either liked or not liked. Instashuffle, however, makes a distinction between unliked (empty heart), liked (filled heart) and recently liked (solid heart). When an image is presented that you previously have liked, you can press the heart button again to upgrade that to recently liked. Doing so has no effect on Instagram, but it tells the app that you'd still like to see more images based on this one if Suggestions are on. This also improves the flow of the app a bit, since after scrolling to a new image you can always press "like" once without unliking the image, so you need to worry a bit less about whether the image was already liked or not.

Why is there a "next image" button, when you can already scroll the image by dragging or by tapping on the right side?

The Next Image (right arrow) button exists so that, if you are holding and operating your iPhone or iPad using just your left hand, you can quickly move to the next image without reaching all the way across the screen or taking the extra time to drag a finger. Also, the existence of the Next Image button helps make it extra clear that scrolling right is the most fundamental operation in Instashuffle.

Where do Instashuffle Picks come from?

"Instashuffle Picks" are images other people have posted which I, the author of the Instashuffle app, notice and want to share. I post a link to the picture, and the app can show it. I 'like' many images on Instagram, but I only post images that especially 'grab' me for some reason. I probably have some bias toward images that look good as backgrounds in Moonlight Mahjong. I'm definitely biased against images that I see as frivolous or that might offend. If you don't agree with my Instashuffle picks, it is very easy to turn them off: just flip the switch in the Options screen, and they won't be added to your Instashuffle stream. You can see the same images posted on Twitter at @Instashuffle.

Are you doing an Android / Mac / Windows version of this app?

Not at this time.

Technical question: Does the app support a custom URL scheme?

Yes; please see this page for the technical details.

My question isn't answered here. How do I contact Midnight Martian?

Email midnightmartian @ gmail.com. Please keep in mind that the guy who does Midnight Martian loves to hear from you (usually) but is very busy making more apps and features.

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